Air Safety



Safety is the first concern of an air traffic service provider.
In 1995, EUROCONTROL began the Safety Management in Air Traffic Services, forcing the States to implement a “Safety Management System” (SMS) - an explicit and systematized Safety Management system at the level of Air Traffic Service Providers. The safety of your flight goes through us:

1. Air traffic safety
Safety is a reason of pride to NAV Portugal. We intend to go even further and more aware that we provide an efficient, modern and economic air traffic service. In this sense, we design systems and programmes with the objective of accomplish good practices in operational performance. Safety is also the most important pillar of air navigation, this is why continuous investments are made - following the technologic development - always with the goal in mind of leading in innovation and efficiency, trying to serve our clients - the air companies.

2. Safety Management Systems
NAV Portugal's Safety Management System systematically approaches the activities leading to safety management, in order to reach a level of excellence. In the sector of Air Navigation, the SMS - Safety Management System covers the set of services, people, infrastructure, equipments, procedures, rules, and information supplied to the air space users, in order to ensure the Safety, regularity, and efficiency of the international air navigation.

This way, the Operational Safety Management System applied in the Air Traffic Services is responsible for:

- Identification, analysis and mitigation of the potential risks;
- Report of every issue, in order for these to be investigated and corrected. The specific areas of Safety Management and Operational Performance were created precisely to detect anomalies in the performance of the operational performances. We refer to the Safety responsible for safety systems management.

Every day, thousands of cargo and passenger flights cross the Portuguese air space. It is vital to ensure the calmness of each of those flights, that is why NAV Portugal is betting in a professional training system, with its own means and capable of ensuring excellence in each one of its professionals.Instruments such as: aerodrome control simulators, radar simulators, communication and radio telephone simulators are instruments NAV Portugal insists in having, both in the initial training and in the practice of simulated emergency situations. Only this way it is possible to ensure the most important aspects in each of the aircrafts crossing the skies: Flight Safety and Economy.